Reiki Courses

What is Reiki?

Reiki, a Japanese word meaning universal energy (rather like Chinese Qi or Indian Prana), is the name of a system of natural healing for the body, mind and spirit. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, taught it as a simple self-healing and spiritual development system that might have occasionally been used to treat others. Over time it has changed into a Complementary Therapy. The Integrated Reiki lineage is attempting to get back to the original teaching while including a treatment emphasis so that it is compatible with the general run of Western-style Reiki Courses.

Why Learn Reiki?

If you’re looking to develop more serenity, if you like the sound of being able to deal better with stresses of modern life, if you’d like to feel more positive and better able to cope, if you’re searching for your true life purpose or seeking to enhance your spirituality … or if you are looking to heal others (friends, family or clients) then a Reiki course may be what you are looking for.

What is Integrated Reiki?

It is a new approach to teaching Reiki which integrates the original teaching with the Western-style of working and presents it in a way that is compatible with a Western audience. You will learn some fundamental techniques that enhance your practice of Reiki: daily energy exercises, self-treatment meditations, intuitive working, different ways of experiencing and conveying the energy, and receive powerful, elegant empowerments.

Our courses

There are four courses, with schedule and cost shown below:

ContentAvailable datesCost
First Degree
(Reiki I)
Reiki 1 manual, 2 audio CDs, one day tutorial, certificate6 June, 4 July. 1 August, 5 September, 3 October, 7 November£150Pay online
Second Degree (Reiki II) Reiki 2 manual, audio CD, one day tutorial, certificate23 May 2021 [full], 13 June, 18 July, 8 August, 19 September, 10 October, 5 December£180Pay online
Deepening Deepening manual, audio CD, one day tutorial, certificate9 May 2021 [full], 21 Nov£220Pay online
Master Master’s manual, DVD, two-day tutorial, certificate26-27 June, 16-17 Oct 2021 [note: 2 day course]£480Pay online

First Degree stands alone. There is no need to go any further but most people do. The others require at least one earlier course as a prerequisite.

The Reiki Deepening course is designed for two groups of people already practising Reiki:

  • People at Second Degree level who do not wish to move onto Reiki Master/Teacher level at the moment, but who feel that they would like to take things further and develop themselves, or deepen their connection to the energy or their experience of it.
  • People at Master level who wish to explore different ways of experiencing the energy, to enhance their self-healing, and to explore the power of intent and the potential of their own intuition.
The course includes some of the content of the Master/Teacher course, but its tutorial session is one day.

We hold First and Second degree Reiki courses each month, and Masters courses several times a year. An intermediate ‘Deepening’ course is also held periodically. Each course is led by Reiki Master/Teacher, Irene Forsyth ( working from Tranquil Spirit Studio, 5A South Lane, Haxby, York, YO32 3DJ.

For bookings or more information, either email, or telephone 0794 169 7047. You can can also pay course fees on-line by credit card. A deposit is required when your course booking is confirmed. The deposit is £130 for the Master course, and £75 or £80 for the others. The remainder must be paid 4 weeks before the day of the tutorial session.

What are the courses like?

We offer:

  • small class sizes
  • a relaxed environment
  • a complete range of Reiki courses, giving consistency and continuity
  • comprehensive course materials (CDs and manuals), provided before each course
  • long-term support through regular Reiki Shares, and by telephone and e-mail
By providing course materials in advance, we ensure that students can relax on the course day, and spend time on practical aspects rather than note-taking, making the day so much more enjoyable.

All our courses have a similar structure: a period of study on your own at home, and then a tutorial and practical session as a group. We send you a pre-course study pack containing a comprehensive manual, and an audio CD at both First and Second degree levels, and a meditation CD if required. The study pack is sent 3 weeks before the tutorial day and you will be asked to focus on specific parts of the manual; that way you arrive for the practical session well-prepared. The work you have done prior to the course will be reviewed briefly but the main focus of the day will be receiving the Empowerments which open up the channels through which Reiki energy flows and connect you permanently to Reiki energy, and doing practical energy work, putting what you have read into practice.

You can read a typical schedule for the First Degree course. The Master level course is similar but also includes a DVD, and its group tutorial session is spread over two days.

At the end of the tutorial day(s) for each course you receive a certificate confirming that you have received the relevant training and have been initiated into the appropriate degree of Reiki.

How do we ensure quality?

  • We provide comprehensive and detailed, easy-to-read and practical manuals. The First Degree Manual, for example, is 170 pages long and covers everything we do on the course and more besides, including photographs of hand positions and self-treatment methods.
  • There is no need to take notes on so you can relax and enjoy the day, knowing that all we do on the course can be found later in the course manual.
  • Audio CDs contain commentary and guided meditations, so that you can listen repeatedly to a potted version of the course, and guided meditations make it a lot easier for you to get into the habit of working with the energy every day.
  • Our courses are down to earth and practical, so you are in no doubt about what to do and how to do it. You follow at least six hours of pre-course study (for both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2), so you arrive for the tutorial session knowing quite a lot about Reiki and also what we are going to do that day. The tutorial itself thus is a review of things already familiar to you, and focuses mainly on practice, not just sitting to listen to us talk. You will have enough time available to develop confidence in what you need to do. We provide you with a homework sheet that reviews the main things you need for Reiki.
  • We focus only on Reiki in the course (excluding, say, crystals, spirit guides or angels).
  • We provide on-going support. Students can contact us by telephone or e-mail if they have any questions or queries, or if they need any support or guidance.
  • There are regular Reiki Shares for students to meet, exchange experiences, do guided visualisations and meditations together, send distant healing, receive spiritual empowerments and give each other Reiki.
  • We host an Internet Support Group with over 300 members that students can use to keep in contact with each other, exchange experiences and advice, building a sense of community.

What do people say about our courses?

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