Online Activities

Reiki Shares and Guided Meditation Series

Originally York Reiki Plus held social Reiki Shares to support former Reiki students, once a month, in person. During the various pandemic restrictions in 2020, those moved online (using Zoom), and became a weekly event. A new series of weekly Guided Meditations on Thursdays was also added (open to all, not just those doing Reiki). Both events proved popular and have continued. Some people attend one or the other; some attend both. Despite the removal of restrictions, both events have remained online, since it made it much easier for people to attend, including some outside York or even the UK.

A new subscription scheme makes it cheaper to attend regularly (one or the other, or both). See below for details.

Reiki Shares

Join us at the Reiki Development Circle and Share, for those that study and practise Reiki. They are held online on Monday (nearly) every week, starting at 7pm. Each session is about 1¼ hours, in two parts.

Part 1: A talk by candle light on a different theme for each week.

Part 2: Engaging in Reiki
Perform a 12 min meditative & energetic practice.
Receive a Distant Reiki empowerment
Send a meditative healing distantly to your loved ones
Connect & Share experiences with other Reiki Students,
and more... including card readings.

Come to our evening and experience the healing and magic available to you now.

What might you need?

  • A lovely cup of tea, or glass of water
  • A candle, and if you like, burn some incense
  • Meditative music to play during our energy work

Here is a list of past shares.

Last night was lovely thanks. ... It was good to learn about the solar plexus chakra and how to make it more radiant and balanced. The cards were fitting as usual when cards are drawn. ... The reiki distant healing was fun and enjoyed my first one.

Johnathan H

Guided Meditation

The Guided Meditations start at 7pm every Thursday, and last about 30 to 40 minutes, with a discussion.

Let us take time to notice or sense the magic within and all around us. Let us choose to connect with our still point, and by quieting our minds and linking to the wisdom within we will find the answers we are seeking and create the peace we desire.

If you would like to quiet the mind chatter, decrease anxiety and support your mental health, why not come to one of these guided meditation classes? Beginners welcome.

Come to this meditative journey and experience the calm & peace available to you now.

What might you need?

  • Light a candle (optional)
  • Meditative music to play in the background (to compensate for Zoom)
  • A comfortable & quiet place to sit
  • A headset or earphones to listen with (optional)

Here is a list of past meditations.

Yes, an amazing half hour! I had a really powerful experience which I was not expecting to have at all. So well set up. Loved the way you helped us to feel safe.

Emily B

Introductory Subscription Packages

York Reiki Plus is introducing a subscription scheme for one or both of those series, with several levels shown below.

You can of course continue with pay as you go (“Level 1”), with Shares at £7 and meditations now at £5. If you attend regularly, a single payment per month saves money: rather than pay £48-£60, it is only £29.99 at the Bronze Aura level or £35 at the Gold Quartz that includes even further savings in other areas.

And this way, you won’t have to worry if you miss a class! With a subscription you will be able to catch up or rewatch it if you did attend — whichever is more convenient for you. It will be available for 3 days afterwards.

Level 1 — Healing Green

Pay as you go
Weekly or Adhoc basis:

£7 to each Reiki Share & Development Circle

£5 for each Guided Meditation sessions

On benefits: UC
£3.99 for each Reiki Share
£2.50 for each Guided meditation evening

Level 2 — Bronze Aura

(automatically renewed each month)

£29.99 per month

• Weekly Reiki share: on Monday evenings

• Weekly Guided Meditation: Thursday evenings

Level 3 — Silver Star Bursts

(automatically renewed each month)

£20 per month

• Guided Meditation Thursdays
(1 free meditation when there are 5 weeks in a month).

Level 4 — Gold Quartz

(automatically renewed each month)

£35 per month

• Weekly Reiki Shares

• Weekly Guided Meditations

10% off single treatments*

10% off workshops: for example, Aura seeing & Chakra balancing*

10% off Retreats*

*10% discounts are for members that have paid minimum 6 months (from February to those who started with me back then).

If you would like to buy a subscription, click the appropriate button above to be redirected to Paypal to set it up.
Paypal will automatically renew the subscription every month at the same time.
If you would prefer to pay by Standing Order, please make contact with to set it up.

Just wanted to tell you how much I have valued your meditation journey. I have done so many meditation courses, some that have cost a fortune. There is something very magical and untainted in your voice and your intention.

Beki J