Hello Reiki Light Workers - Welcome to a New Decade - 2020

Hope you are all well and feeling excited regarding the commencement of a new decade and a new spiritual you! There are also some wonderful requests and events coming up you may not want to miss.

Firstly, thank you so much to all the students who attended the last Development Circle and Share we had in December at Park Grove where we practiced our energy meditations, received empowerments and then enjoyed a guest speaker,  the lovely and talented Leandra Ashton who gave  us a beautiful & relaxing ½ hour yoga session with the theme of connecting with your intuitive self.

The next upcoming share is the 13th January at 6:15 pm, but at a *New location and there is no rush to leave precisely at 8:15 pm, so questions or comments at the end are welcome. Theme is ‘Self - Care’ - Necessity or Indulgence?

New Location: Tranquil Spirit Studio, 5A South Lane, Haxby, Y032 3DJ (is being painted at the moment - when you see it it will still be ‘work in progress’ until the renovations are fully completed)  *Free parking in the area

There are still some spaces remaining for this Reiki Share and I’m using a new format  today  in which to send my newsletters/emails. More efficiently I believe. Those who know me, have heard about my endless struggles with technology, will hopefully now see a new me who is now embracing a better way to work and send information out -  I really needed to change as so many reported back that newsletters never landed in their inbox.

What to bring/think about: I hope at this upcoming meeting you'll be able to attend and  share your experiences and energy, get some practice in and meet like minded people.  As always, we will be sending Distant healing out as well so please also bring any new names to put on the  list. *Also bring a list of 3 things, in an envelope, or in your mind, you would like to achieve this year. It can be of an emotional/ mental, physical or spiritual nature. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something major or something that will just enhance or make your life that little bit easier as long as you write something down. Then we will send DH to it - it will be our new year wishes.

Yes, I’m also moving to a  new location. The good news is that Diane Harwood and I have decided to join forces to rent this studio space in Haxby in which to hold my Development circles/Shares, workshops, courses and to practice our complementary therapies. Diane does lovely massages, facials, and will also be holding regular mediation circles, practicing Reiki and Reiki Drumming as well as a host of other therapies. We would also like to hire out this nurturing and healing  space out for anyone wanting to do any  movement therapies (yoga) or exercises classes (pilates), talking therapies, Tai chi, Chi gong, hypnotherapy,  workshops, training, group work etc. If interested or know someone who may be interested, contact either myself 0794 1697047 or Diane 07711796494

Photo by Harry Quan

Upcoming Aura Seeing Workshop - 8th February - Early bird special still applies. see link below


Upcoming Reiki courses: 2020

Reiki 2 on 19th January  for any Reiki 1  students wanting to move forward spiritually by learning specific symbols for physical/emotional concerns and distant healing, and be able to treat the public professionally. It's one full Day and 2-3 weeks of pre-course reading and practice exercises. For those of you who've recently completed the Reiki 2 course with me, and would like to be presented with your Reiki 2 certificate on the evening,  please send your homework  via email as soon as you can. Alternatively we can meet and discuss over a cup of herbal tea with your homework in hand.

Reiki Deepening:   TBA - If you are interested let me know. I do these courses twice per year.  This course is for those not sure about Reiki Mastership  but would like to enhance their treatments move forward spiritually, learn the sacred sounds that predate the symbols, and  invite more peace into their lives,  increasing/enhance their intuitive capabilities. practising minimum a year after your Reiki 2 certificate as all Reiki Associations will only accept your RMT a year after R2 and 6 months minimum after Reiki Deepening. So you can do this if 6 months having passed your Reiki 2. Pre-study time: 4 weeks minimum. - 6 weeks if you've studied elsewhere. 

Reiki Master's: Spring time!  - 22nd and 29th March. I recommend 6-8 weeks minimum study period, in a relaxed fashion, in the comfort of your own home, if working part time or 3-4 weeks  if not working.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 13th or sooner.

Next Share / Development circle: 3rd February, 2020

Blessings and Warmest wishes,


Irene x